Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #2!

Thirteen Reasons I'm half-assing Thursday Thirteen this week

  1. It's The Boy's and I anniversary (not as much time for blogging when out celebrating);
  2. Had a little too much wine last night for blogging (and had my attention on other things, see #1 above);
  3. Power went off last night (so no computer, no internet. But that meant candle-light and the fire which was very appropriate for #1 above);
  4. Over-slept (see #2 above);
  5. I never ever blog at work - paranoia that my blog will get found out and I'll get in trouble;
  6. I'm going to Cameron Indoor tonight (for those of you who don't know, that's Duke basketball - it's part of #1 above);
  7. So because of #6 I'm leaving early from work - no time for blogging;
  8. Um... bad foresight on my part not to plan ahead;
  9. I didn't want to bump The Boy's awesome news with a new post (see post below - The Boy rocks!);
  10. Thursday snuck up on me this week (see # 8);
  11. I had to spend my free time yesterday working on my mother's small claims court appeal (looong story);
  12. I spent the rest of my free time getting what I needed for The Boy's present (see #1 above);
  13. I didn't even have any free time yesterday for writing (and won't again today - so sad!).
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