Thursday, April 07, 2011

Original ebook release: Hare Moon

So remember how I mentioned I had some exciting secret projects?  Well I can finally talk about one of them - yay! Last year I wrote an original Forest of Hands and Teeth short story for the Kiss Me Deadly anthology.  This year, after a bit of revision with my editor, Delacorte Press packaged the story as a standalone ebook you can now download!  It's a prequel to The Forest of Hands and Teeth about Sister Tabitha as a teen.

Here's the cover (which I LOVE):

And here's what it's about:
Tabitha can’t shake the feeling that something exists beyond the fences of her village. And when she sneaks out, past the gates and down the path into the Forest of Hands and Teeth, she meets a boy who teaches her heart things she never knew. But love in a world surrounded by so much death doesn’t come without its sacrifices, and Tabitha gradually realizes just how much she’ll have to give up to live among the Unconsecrated.

From New York Times bestselling author Carrie Ryan comes an original story of love after the Return.      
And here's where you can buy it for only $1.99!!: Amazon | Barnes & Noble 

I really loved writing Sister Tabitha's story.  I realized as I revised The Forest of Hands and Teeth that we only got to see Tabitha from Mary's point of view and in Mary's eyes, Tabitha was nothing but overbearing and incapable of understanding her.  To me, though, Tabitha was much more complicated.  She had a reason for withholding information from the villagers and every action she took came out of love and a desire to protect the village.  I wanted to understand how she got to be that way, what led her to take on the mantle of ruling this village so rigidly and why she believes so much in choice while not allowing those around her to truly make their own decisions.

So I wrote her story as a teen.  As it turns out, Sister Tabitha was once a very very passionate young woman who had her own choices to make.  When she begs Mary to stop dreaming about what lies beyond the fences, she has her reasons.