Monday, October 17, 2011

Teen Read Week in Florida! [updated with B&N event]

I love Teen Read Week and I also love the sun which is PERFECT because I'll be spending the latter half of Teen Read Week in Florida this year! WAHOO! You can find all the details on the flyer below or by checking out the events page of my website.  I hope I'll see y'all there!!!

UPDATED TO ADD! I'll also be doing an event at the Melbourne, FL B&N on Friday at 6PM! It's the perfect time of year to be talking about zombies so I hope to see you there!  More details here.

Monday, October 03, 2011

A few odds and ends on events and stories

I've been writing a lot recently and when I write I tend to go blog quiet because I don't really know what to talk about.  I've never been comfortable sharing details of what I'm working on and all my other blog ideas get turned into tweets or forgotten.  But I can say that I've just finished up another short story (not set in the Forest of Hands and Teeth world) and I'm excited about it and the other stories I'll have coming out in the next while!  In fact, I should probably write a whole post about my upcoming short stories... I'll start working on that!

MEANWHILE, I have odds and ends to share!

First up, EVENTS!  I'm leaving first thing in the morning (Tuesday) for Detroit to meet up with Melissa Marr and Jennifer Lynn Barnes and then we're driving to Lansing, MI to meet Simone Elkeles, Rachel Caine and Melissa de la Cruz for the Smart Chicks Kick it Tour! WAHOO!!  Here are the details.

I was so lucky to be able visit Schuler Books and Music for The Dead-Tossed Waves tour and it's an absolutely fantastic store full of really wonderful and passionate booksellers.  I'm so thrilled to be returning!!

I'll also be traveling to Florida the weekend of October 21-22 to celebrate Teen Read Week with a bunch of visits scheduled.  Preliminary details are here and I'll update my appearances page as soon as I know more!  I can't wait!!!

Another event that will be chock full of YA/MG authors is YALLfest in Charleston, SC the weekend of November 11-12.  Check out all they have going on here.

Then in December I'll be giving a teen writing workshop right in my backyard in Charlotte, NC.  I'm really really excited about this and will post more info when I have it.  The Myers Park Branch of the Mecklenburg County Library system will be hosting and the event will be open to area teens.  Yay!

Next, I've had a few recent RELEASES!

ENTHRALLED: Paranormal Diversions, a collection of stories edited by Kelley Armstrong and Melissa Marr just came out last week!  You can read more about it and order it from your local indie here.

My short story is SCENIC ROUTE and is set soon after the zombie apocalypse that leads to The Forest of Hands and Teeth.  It's about two sisters who hide out on top of a mountain where they think they're safe and plan for the day they can take the ultimate road trip.

I'm really happy that this anthology has been getting some fantastic reviews!  Of Scenic Route, VOYA says, "the suspense and violence of which will please fans of The Forest of Hands and Teeth" and Kirkus says, "allows for the sometimes-neglected horror implied in paranormal stories to be spotlighted, as in Carrie Ryan's zombie thriller, 'Scenic Route.'"

About the collection as a whole SLJ writes, "These consistently well-written stories offer something for every taste, whether it’s dark, edgy, and violent or funny and sweet."

So congrats to Kelley and Melissa for putting together such a strong anthology and thanks for letting me be involved!

Another recent release I have a piece in is DEAR BULLY.  You can learn more about it and order it from your local indie here.  This is a collection of tons of YA/MG authors talking about bullying and their experiences.  My contribution, Dear Caroline from Canada, is a letter I wrote to a girl I became friends with on a cross-country bus tour of the US.

Caroline really changed my life that summer though I'm sure she has no idea.  She taught me to not listen to gossip, to stand up for people and to be compassionate even if it risks your own reputation.  Now if only I could find her to send her that letter...

So I guess I now need to go put some laundry in, run errands and pack before heading out to Detroit in the morning!  If you're in the Lansing, MI area come out to the Smart Chicks tour tomorrow evening!  I promise it will be loads of fun!!!