Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #1

Thirteen Things I've Done to Procrastinate During Nano

  1. Cleaned up gmail account;
  2. Cleaned up house;
  3. Cleaned up office (noticing a trend here?);
  4. Slept;
  5. Kissed The Boy (he encourages that kind of procrastination);
  6. Took down Halloween decorations ("But," you all say, "you should have done that anyways." You clearly don't realize that it was Christmas until almost February in our place last year...);
  7. Exercised;
  8. Tried to find a picture that would work for my NaNo profile (found the picture, can't make it small enough);
  9. Looked at other people's NaNo profiles;
  10. Started updating my blog again;
  11. 5 words: big bottle of red wine (originally I had that as 4 words and then was like, "hmmm, that doesn't look right... d'oh!);
  12. Started another novel that is wholly unrelated. (BTW, do you think I can just roll the new word count into the old and say "This is where the muse took me!" I mean, I was in the middle of writing one and haven't stopped writing... just stopped writing on that old idea. Hmmm... maybe I can just make the new idea like a dream in the old idea's world. Yeah, that might work. Because then I'd be up to like 16k words! Right on track. Come on, does anyone have my back on this??);
  13. Blog hopping, blog hopping, blog hoppin.
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Anonymous said...

Groovy blog. Well done and fun.

Diana Peterfreund said...

Did I miss that you had a blog?