Monday, November 27, 2006

New addition to our family!

Well, we did it - we got a dog! The original plan was to get a dog when we moved into the new house this summer, but I backed out because I didn't want to upset the cats and I just wasn't ready. Then, a few weeks ago we decided to get a dog in the spring when the weather is nicer but that we'd be open if a dog found us. See, in The Boy's family, that's how they get all their pets - they find The Boy and his family.

Then, last week The Boy got an email from a co-worker about a little lab that had been hit by a car and broken her leg. The dog had surgery on the leg weeks ago and was looking for her permanant home. The Boy immediately emailed me and said "it's a sign!!!" and we went and looked at her and fell in love!

We're thinking of naming her Daphne (Greek myth) but calling her Daf, Daffy, etc. (and every now and then I call her Dizzy). What do you think? Any other good name suggestions?

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