Sunday, November 05, 2006

The postman always rings twice...

...or not at all. So Saturday was one of those blissful days of sitting on the couch in front of the fire, pounding away on my NaNo project, The Boy next to me, working on a short story. For the first time, I decided to open the front door (we have a wooden front door and then a glass door too) so that we could let some light in and enjoy the beautiful fall day (by the way, the cats LOVED it, all day one would lounge in front of the fire while the other kept watch on the critters in the front yard). We live near the entrance to a park so people are always walking by.

Anyway, after a while I decided to snuggle up with The Boy, give him a few kisses. He said "the door is open," and I said, "don't worry." Kiss kiss kiss, kiss kiss kiss. He said again, "remember that the door is open" and I said "don't worry, no one on the street can really see us." Kiss kiss ---

And then I heard the cat scrabble, claws on the hardwoods as he tore away from the front door. And then I heard a thwap.

You see, we have a mail slot in our wooden door - that's how our mail is delivered. Usually the mail doesn't get here until late late afternoon. Yesterday the mail-man was early. I hope we made his day :)

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