Saturday, November 03, 2007

Weekend Goals! (updates in red)

For long time readers, you will remember that I used to use this blog as a quasi accountability system. I'd post my goals at the beginning of the weekend and then whether I'd met them or not, hoping that y'all would chastize me for falling short.

Well, it's time to start that up again! So, without further ado -- the weekend goals:
  1. the most uber important, if I get this goal none of the others matter: finish editing The Forest of Hands and Teeth (I'm so used to typing FHT or WIP that I forget I can actually type the title now - yay!!). I want to send this sucker to my editor on Monday! Still working on it...
  2. clean house; done (ish... well at least some of it is done)
  3. spray porch down; forgot about water restrictions - no spraying for us!
  4. take down AND put away Halloween decorations; JP took care of this -- he rocks!
  5. write blog posts;
  • read (doing some fun reading in anticipation of perhaps fun new project!). this was the easiest goal to meet!
  • I'd really like to participate in NaNo, but we all know the rules: FHT comes first. So I don't get to start NaNo until FHT is edited. Sigh...

    So what did I spend my morning doing? Reading this rant (and all 300+ comments!). What am I doing right now? Waiting for JP to finish editing a story so we can go drink Pumpkin beer. Natch, they were out of Pumpkin beer. Sigh. Off to a wondrous start, eh?

    Oh, and happy wedding day Diana and SB!!!

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