Thursday, November 08, 2007


So, my agent sent me my final contract today. I read it through, still mongo impressed by all of it (he did a fab job negotiating). All day I was thinking about how I was going to print it out and bring it home to sign and then just as I was leaving work I thought "oh, need to remember to print contract to take with me," but then thought, "why would I do that when I'd just need to bring it back to mail? I'll just print it tomorrow and send it straight off."

Forgetting that I wanted a picture of me signing the contract. It just feels like one of those milestones, you know? And I'd feel like a dork asking someone at work to take the picture... So do I put off sending the contract back just to get the photo op? Decisions, decisions...


Brooke Taylor said...

I didn't get a photo of the contract signing... you can always get a photo of you cashing the check?? Isn't that more fun than the contract anyway (grin)

Congrats on the sale!!! The book sounds amazing.

Vicki said...

If you didn't get a photo of signing the actual contract then perhaps you can take one with your copy. Then post it to the TARA loop in the pic files. We want to see it :D