Tuesday, May 16, 2006

To be read...

I think I may have mentioned this, but much to The Boy's chagrin, the one thing I promised myself when I graduated from law school and started earning money was that I could turn back on one-click shopping from Amazon. That way, I can sit at my desk at work and just click click click for books. Why even bother with the "are you sure you want to buy this?" Yes! Yes I love books, I love to own them and hold them!

And so recently I received many packages from Amazon filled with yummy books I've been dying waiting for. Ally Carter, Scott Westerfeld, Suzanne Brockmann! Oh how I love all of you!

But no. I'm writing now. And with the home buying I'm not writing as much as I had been. I've stalled a bit (though I think I've cleared up much of what was stalling me). But I need to spend my lounge time either plotting, writing, or organizing thoughts for the book. Not that I have a deadline, but I'd like it done and polished before RWA nationals in July. Plus, I have Agent Kristin already lined up to read the partial.

It makes me sad to see those books just sitting there, stacked haphazardly by the bed. Especially since I've waited so long for some of them. Sniff sniff. There's a naughty part of me that says "oh, just read one... just a little a night." But I know, one taste of Specials and I'm a goner! One peek into I'd Tell you I Love You But Then I'd Have to Kill You and I'm done until the end.

Oh the curse of it all!

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