Thursday, May 04, 2006

My first tag (and I feel so cool)

I got this tag from Bren and, as the title of this entry implies, it's my first tag ever. Here goes...

Six minutes to yourself - how would you spend them: sponging up the sun and daydreaming.

Six bucks to spend right now - how would you spend it: as much margarita as possible.

Six items you’d leave behind if your house were on fire:

  1. my law school books (those suckers are frickin' heavy!)
  2. those boxes in my storage bin that I don't even know what's in them
  3. my fat clothes (hell, all my clothes and I'll throw in the shoes for free!)
  4. my old file of rejection letters (I hear they make great tinder)
  5. my journals (I love them dearly but there's a time to let go I guess and what better way to go?)
  6. my CD collection (is this cheating since all the songs are ripped onto my laptop?)

Six items you’d grab if your house were on fire:

  1. my cat (and I'd grab The Boy's cat too cause I'm nice like that and she's kinda cute even if she smells a little)
  2. my two stuffed bears (sounds lame but the fact that one is named Drunk Bear should mitigate any lameness)
  3. a charcoal nude that I drew in college
  4. my grandmother's jewelry (and heck, I'd take mine too since it's all in the same place...)
  5. my cell phone (I feel like I have to pause and be practical here... someone has to call 911)
  6. my laptops (both old and new) with all my writing on it

Six words you love: (ok, is this supposed to be a phrase or individual words? I'm going to go with individual cause that's easier for me right now...)

  1. Natch (my new fave word right now. I'm sure it will get old soon)
  2. Whatev (such a ridiculous word I can't help but laughing when using it)
  3. luscious
  4. machiavellian
  5. sated (ooh, there is a good story behind that one that I'll have to remember to share later)
  6. me :)

Six things you want to accomplish before you leave the earthly plane:

  1. become a full-time writer and be able to live comfortably off of that writing
  2. litigate and win a case for someone who really needs it
  3. travel to New Zealand and Australia (and we'll throw in some pacific islands while we're there)
  4. become a mother (we're working our way up... we started with cats (don't ask how the first step with plants and the second with fish went...sufice it to say the cats are doing quite well, thank you))
  5. learn how to be less critical, less bitchy, less whiney and much much more appreciative, laid-back and happy.
  6. spend a week on a private island with The Boy
Um, I'd pass this along but er... no one really knows me yet and I'd end up passing it right back to Bren or Rachel and that could just create a vicious loop...

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Anonymous said...

Love your words, Carrie. :-) Thanks for playing. It's nice to get to know you a bit more. And no, the loop thing wouldn't be so nice. lol