Thursday, May 25, 2006


(A) I wasn't the only one thinking about word counts.

(B) I'm out through Tues - Yeah (even better I'm at the beach!)!

(C) I love Love LOVE my WIP

(D) Anyone want to read said WIP when done and critique? Please? Pretty please? (in all seriousness...I'd love the help!)

(E) Adult beverages I love as well...

(F) I can't say how much I appreciate all the other bloggers out there... I learn so much through y'all so here's a hearty THANKS!!

(G) Have I mentioned lately how cool The Story Game is? It even has nifty reviews now! Check it out!

(H) Thank you to The Boy for negotiating our rental contract and doing such a fab job. Long story, but it's enough to say that The Boy did an awesome job!!

(I) Can't wait to move into new house!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Carrie, did you get your fab house you were bidding on? I hope so. I would love to read and critique your WIP if you'll do the same with mine. :-) I enjoy reviewing stories (If I didn't become a writer my next choice would be editor) so that would be fun. Email me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie--Bring your WIP to the beach--I'd love to see it!


Carrie Ryan said...

Bren - yes yes yes! I'll email you!