Wednesday, May 31, 2006

More tidbits...

  1. Chinese food can cure any bad day.
  2. so can a cool gin and tonic (no matter how flat the tonic).
  3. I open my wallet this morning to give someone my driver's license number and realize...oops... license is expired (and has been since my birthday in January).
  4. this is in addition to the fact that my car's tag has been expired for months.
  5. in my state you have to retake the written test just to get a license.
  6. oh, and it's up to them if they also want you to take the road test... say... if your license has been expired for a while.
  7. rather than write I spent the evening studying for the written test.
  8. No, that's a lie, I spent it watching Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.
  9. I am waaay behind in my writing.
  10. I miss the beach... oooh, I miss the beach.
  11. Is it Friday yet?
  12. No, the week can't end until I have a new license and tag.
  13. sigh... better get studying...
  14. Just because it feels weird to finish at 13... not that it's unlucky or anything...

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