Sunday, April 23, 2006


Explain to me how Microsoft Word doesn't recognize the word "pleather." Now, just like any other chick I heartily enjoy seeing the whimsy of Word's options for words it does not recognize. But it had nothing for pleather (other than leather and that just doesn't count).

I'm running on Word 2006 here, kids. This Word went through the eighties (didn't it?). It should be frighteningly familiar with 'pleather.'

(and yes, I'm using 'pleather' in the book. Even better: I'm using the term 'pink pleather.' Can it get any better?)


Rachel Vincent said...

I'm laughing about the pink pleather. It reminds me of the pink panther.

And I have to admit that while I LOVE Word (wish I had the 2006 version, but I didn't even know there was one), its vocabulary isn't quite big enough for comfort.

Carrie Ryan said...

Haha, I'm not sure there's a 2006 version either! I just, er, guess that I have that one (and to think I used to be a computer tech person)