Saturday, April 29, 2006

A roof over our head, Part Deux

OK, second verse same as the first.

[big intake of breath] The Boy and I put ANOTHER offer on a house yesterday. We heard from a friend that her friend had sold her house but that it had fallen through. It was in our primo neighborhood, we had no idea of the price, but it looked cute. We call, we ask price (high, but within range) and we ask to see it. She says maybe on Monday. We say, "but please?!" and she says yes. We see it. We meet with agent. I alternate between wanting to cry and throw up while drawing up offer (I can't explain it, I was freaked out). Our agent says she'll drop it by.

Sneaky us, we put an expiration on the offer - they must accept or reject before they even show the house on Monday. Feeling happy, we go home, drink a toast to our possibly new house and fall into happy debt-looming sleep.

Today, we drive by the house. Many times. We talk as if it is already ours. We make plans. We imagine ourselves strolling through the lovely park that's three houses down.

Then we get a call from the owner. She says, "Uh, that offer you said you were gonna drop off... where is it?"

We call our agent - she dropped the offer off on Friday evening. We finally figure out that the mailman takes the offer out of the mailbox. We promise a copy of the offer delivered by noon tomorrow.

And we find out there's another offer on the table.

Nooooo! Gnashing of teeth, weeping, wailing!

Apparently someone else talked their way in on Thursday evening. The house doesn't technically begin showing on Monday. There's still a chance for us... we must wait and see.

You should know this already, but I am NOT a patient person.



Rachel Vincent said...

I hope you get the house. And is The Boy a son, or a significan other?

You don't have to answer, of course. I didn't mean to get personal. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the house! I know how it feels, it's nerve wracking!