Friday, August 20, 2010

Antho! Kiss Me Deadly in the wild!

My first story in an antho!
My first short story has been released to the wild!  The anthology, Kiss Me Deadly, just came out a few weeks ago and my story in it, Hare Moon, is about Sister Tabitha from The Forest of Hands and Teeth when she was a teen.  I've actually written a whole blog post about this -- why I chose to write about Sister Tabitha and what she means to me -- but I still haven't decided if I want to post it.

I always struggle with the tension between my belief that once the author is done writing the story it belongs to the readers on the one hand and my wanting to discuss why I made decisions in the story on the other hand.  I feel like explaining things can get close to defending decisions and... I just don't know how I feel about that.  I have no problem having these dicussions live at signings but for some reason when I write blog posts about the same things I feel like I'm just sounding defensive rather than informative.
Sister T's story

What do y'all think?  Should I talk more about the decisions I made when writing and why?

In the mean time, here's a taste of what people are saying about Hare Moon:

Carrie Ryan (The Forest of Hands and Teeth) offers a story about devastating decisions in villages threatened by the Unconsecrated.
- Publishers Weekly 
This is definitely another favourite. It is part of Carrie Ryan’s Forest of Hands and Teeth series. I have yet to follow this series but Thea is a HUGE fan and now I understand why.... The writing is evocative and beautiful about a very fundamental conflict between love and duty, history and memory and choices.
- The Book Smugglers
I supposed I can't hate Tabitha now that I read her beautiful but bittersweet story. Fans of The Forest of Hands and Teeth series, this is a must read!
 - I Just Want to Sit Here and Read
For fans of Ms. Ryan's previous works The Forest of Hands and Teeth and The Dead-Tossed Waves (like me)... this is a treat, one that will hopefully hold you over until the next book in the series... As always, Ms. Ryan's stories are bittersweet, heartbreaking but so beautifully told.
- all about {n}
Thanks for all the fantastic reviews y'all!!  I've been so thrilled by the responses to Sister Tabitha's story :)


Zombie Joe said...

I am not sure about other readers, but I would be completely interested in the motivations behind writing a character like Sister Tabitha. Really any of them, but she seems to be an interesting one. I am also ashamed to say I picked up Kiss Me Deadly release week and have yet to read any of the stories - you can blame Vicki Pettersson and Stacia Kane for that though. ;)

Soon though, I am done with the Downsides so I can tag between Zodiac and anthologies.

Malinda Lo said...

I totally understand that tension, Carrie! I feel the same way, and over time I've decided to say less and less ... except when asked directly, like in an interview or in person. I also fear that it makes me sound defensive when I don't mean it that way, and if not defensive, it may come off as too much navel-gazing. But a lot of people are interested in behind-the-scenes stuff, so maybe it'd be OK to explain your decisions as long as it was clearly marked as "behind the scenes stuff you don't have to read"?

Carrie Ryan said...

Good point Malinda -- and of course when you bring that up I think to myself "I love hearing how other authors make the decisions they make" so you're right -- I should prob post it and make it clear it's not meant to be defensive.

I could never blame Vicki and Stacia, Joe, they're too wonderful :) Hope you enjoy the stories!!

Kim said...

Loved Hare Moon! It left me wanting more and makes the wait for The Dark and Hollow Places seem like an agonizing

Kalyn Lady said...

Are you ever going to get a book published of only your short stories? I don't read them much so I don't want to buy the book for only your story.

I've always wondered what made Sister Tabitha that way though, and I read as much s I cold from your picture when it was enlarged, and it sounded amazing.

I wouldn't mind reading some behind the scenes stuff also.

Su Kopil said...

Carrie, I'm a fan of your books and didn't know you had a story in an anthology. (I just started following your blog) But it's now on my to buy list. I'd be very interested to hear your motivation in writing about Sister Tabitha.

Crystal Raen said...

I would love love love to know more about Sister Tabitha. Her character really intrigued me. And I will have to get that book with the short story in it! :) Just discovered The Forest of Hands and Teeth last week, polished it off in 2 days, just finished The Dead-Tossed Waves last night. I do believe you are vying for a spot on my favorite author list. Seriously, you have some major talent!

Deepali said...

Hi! Just wandered onto your blog from the net, and please do let us know the reasons behind choices your characters make - i don't think it is justification at all! Merely a chance to reach out to a virtual audience and have a chat.
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Abbie said...

I would personally love to hear more about your thought process with the books - more about each character, maybe? - but that might just be the fangirl in me talking.

Of course it's up to you :), I just enjoy reading your blogs!