Friday, August 27, 2010

Overheard around the house

JP: Why are their containers of frozen water in the freezer?

Me: Because I plan on setting them on fire.

JP: Okaaaaay... why are their several of them?

Me: Because I want to use different fuels.  You weren't planning on drinking that 151 anytime soon were you?

JP:  I'm still not sure that answers the fundamental question of Why.

Me:  Research.

JP:  I'll get the fire extinguisher.


Unknown said...

Ha! Love it!

Also, I'm nearly finished with The Dead-Tossed Waves. LOVE IT!!!

Elena Solodow said...

*sigh* What we have to do all in the name of research.

Anonymous said...

Ok, this blog is pretty funny, but am I the only who noticed the incorrect use of "their" instead of "there?"

Maybe I'm a total nerd for noticing.

Ann Stewart said...

I love research, a great excuse for just about anything.

Also, finished DTW yesterday. Your story got me through the first week back at school with a smile on my face. TX!


Kel said...

At least your husband doesn't give you the "I-think-you've-really-lost-your-mind" look like mine did when I asked him if he'd go with me to a local exhibit about Harley Davidson recently. Since I didn't know hardly anything about the history of the company, I thought it would be interesting. Plus the protagonist of a short story I'd been working on owned a Harley.

He told me that I had never been interested in motorcycles, why start now? I had the same answer as you - "research."

Northern Indiana

Anonymous said...

This sounds an awful lot like a conversation we might have at my house. It's anyone's guess which member of my household would be the one setting things on fire though . . .

Anonymous said...

P.S. Kel--my husband is very good about me asking him questions like,
"So, exactly how much of a modern vehicle is made out of steel or some other iron alloy? And is there something you could use instead?"

It's good to be married to someone who is technologically and mechanically savvy . . .