Sunday, June 11, 2006

Well, that was unexpected...

So last night I wrote another scene to the current WIP (which I love, btw). And after reading the recent addition to The Boy (who gets to hear it all), he and I were discussing the Plot (yes, with a capital P). You see, for a while I haven't known how it all will end. And you may have noticed by the progression of the sidebar that it's about time for me to figure that out.

Anyways, so as The Boy and I were driving to get dinner he said, "I know you might now want to hear this but..." and he went on to tell me that perhaps THE main love interest (out of 3) should end up with someone other than the protagonist. This was something I'd already considered and was actually glad to hear someone else confirm my thoughts (fears?).

As I was pondering how this would affect the book all of the sudden everything clicked into place. The Plot, the climax, the resolution. It was all clear.

Of course, it's gonna take a ton of editing and whatnot. But it's nice to know how it all ends :)

So, loyal readers, how do y'all handle plotting, plot twists, and figuring out how it all ends?

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TJ Brown said...

I usually have sort of an idea when I get started. But as I am writing the characters will kind of show me the direction. Sometimes stuff happens that I didn't really plan. Today my poor protagonist was sitting in a restaurant during a very humilating moment and a girl who wasn't more than a name in the story came up and talked to her. This is the first time the girl came up and did something liek that, so obviously she is important to the story. I hadn't instended it, but it just sort of happened.

I try to plot out what is going to happen, but I leave enough room for the unexpected.