Wednesday, June 14, 2006

So bad...

Yes, yes, I've been a terrible blogger. If it makes anyone feel any better, I've been an even more terrible writer. I've turned into such a slacker! Ugh.

Well, the good news is that I'm hoping to crank some work out tomorrow. And when I say work, I mean work on the WIP. See, that's the thing about my job being all about the billable hour: when there's no client to bill there's nothing to do. Sure I have some things here and there to work on, but nothing that can sustain me for 8+ billable hours per day for the next week until phase II of my big case kicks back up. Grargh!!!

So, this week agent Kristin Nelson has been a visitor to one of my chat groups. On Friday the group is doing a pitch slam which essentially means posting a one sentence pitch of our work. No one is quite sure if Kristin is reading in order to request material or critique, but since she's one of my favorite agents it doesn't matter to me; to me this is a big deal and great opportunity.

I've been working on my pitch and am just about ready to let the WIP out of the closet (inside joke with the storyline...). Maybe I'll post it here tomorrow and see if anyone has anything interesting to say about it.

But, as The Boy says, I must beware putting carts before chickens. First... there comes the writing. Must write, must write, must write.

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