Monday, March 14, 2011

On signed books, tour stops, memory, and other things

In one week I leave for The Dark and Hollow Places tour!  Wahoo!  I can't wait to visit Miami, Chicago, Cincinnati, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Austin!  All the details are here.  This will be my fourth time in Chicago which is kind of neat because I feel like I have friends there now -- so many familiar faces and it's always cool being able to catch up :)  I'm also very excited about the new stops to meet new readers (and see new places)!

However, if I'm not stopping in a city near you or if you're not able to come out, you can still get a personalized/ autographed book.  My local indie, Park Road Books, is fantastic and only a few miles away which works out perfectly!  At any time in the year you can place an order with them and I'll swing by to sign it.  You can also pre-order a signed copy of The Dark and Hollow Places and they'll get it in the mail to you -- I'll be dropping by probably on Saturday, March 19 to sign them all so just make sure you get your order in before then (otherwise, I won't be able to sign any until I'm back in town on April 18).

Here are the details about ordering a signed book.  Essentially it's as easy as giving them a call: 704-525-9239 and placing the order!  Make sure to let them know how you want it personalized!

Okay, topic two is my signing policy.  The venues hosting me go through a lot of planning and work to pull off these events even though they always make it all look so seamless and effortless.  These booksellers are passionate about books and I couldn't be more honored that they're willing to expend some of that passion on my behalf.  Therefore, I like to ask anyone coming to hear me speak -- if you're going to get a book signed, please purchase a book from the store.  Every store has its individual policies on signings and so you'll want to check with them about what you can bring to be signed, etc.

Here's my policy: I'll sign anything (well, within reason - lol - if you have a massive stack I might ask you to run back through the line again so other people have a chance to get through).  Or if you just want to show up to hear me talk and ask questions and not get anything signed, that's great too!  But I would love it if, to show support for the store, you'd purchase a book from them (purchasing ahead of time is fine or purchasing someone else's book works too). Again, the store's individual policy on these things trumps mine so always check with them if you have a question!  Thanks!

Finally... I have a bad memory.  I joke about this a lot but it kind of gets both scary and frustrating when I'm traveling.  I'm terrible with names -- HORRIBLE -- which is embarrassing and I'm sorry if/when I'm not able to remember yours.  However, I do have a good situational memory which means that I just have to connect all the dots in my head so please, when you come up to meet me just remind me who you are.  Tell me your twitter handle or your blog name (because I have a visual memory I'm likely to remember your handle picture - lol).  Please don't think that because I can't remember your name, I don't remember you!

I can't wait to see y'all!  Only one more week!!


Jimmy Mustion said...

awe man! Not coming to st louis! How much does a signed copy cost? Cant wait for book 3!!

BBC said...

I'm not lucky enough to hit a book signing either, but best of luck to you. As for names, yeah. I'm a high school YA librarian, and I can't remember my kid's names, but I know genres they like!

Stephsco said...

I'm planning to be at Anderson's Books in Naperville, IL, hopefully w/ a friend. I bought your first book a few weeks ago and it's next on my To Read list. Probably what I'll do is get #2 & #3 at the store. :)

Carrie Ryan said...

Hey Jimmy -- I wish I were coming to St. Louis, I have a lot of family there! I don't know how much a signed book would cost -- it's all run through Park Road Books so I'd just give them a call and ask.

Hye Mindy - when I taught it def took me a while to remember names but I could always remember other random details - lol.

YAY Stephsco! Can't wait!

Amber said...

I'm excited to be attending your writer's workshop at Hub City. Taking 2 days off from work to enjoy that, Ikea, and Concord Mills. Books, writing, meatballs, and clothes = FABULOUSNESS!

Allie said...


Thank you so much for the information on how to get a signed book! I tweeted you on twitter a week or so ago (my handle is @alliedanielson) about you not coming back to Michigan this time around, so I am glad I can still get my hands on a signed copy. :)

I still might make my way down to your signing in Dayton, OH, but I'll have to see if I can swing it. :)

Thank you again! You're wonderful!

Carrie Ryan said...

Yay Amber! Email me if there's anything in particular you want me to make sure to cover in the workshop and I'll try to fit it in!

Yay Allie - so glad that will work out for you!!

Shirley Shimer said...

Carrie, I saw that you're contributing to a new short story anthology called "Enthralled." Is it another short story connected to the Forest series?

Bea said...

Hello!!! I am totally trying to figure out which signing I can make it too in the LA area!! I cannot wait for this book!!

(I'm the one always bugging you on Randombuzzers about coming to SD ComicCon! suprbee on there!)

Erickold said...

look great!
I recently started The Forest of Hands and Teeth, and I'm enjoying.
the cover of this is amazing, I hope to read soon.

Greetings, Carrie! ;)

Amber I @ Awesomesauce said...

I can't wait!! I have your other 2 books signed so I will be buying the 3rd from the book store. I am also taking one for my friend to get signed. Super excited!!

Amber I @ Awesomesauce said...

Oh do you know what time Dayton signing will be?

Ann Stewart said...

Carrie, Are you having a signing at Park Road Books this time around? I love that store and to meet you while there would just be plan wonderful.

Stephsco said...

Just wanted to add I read The Forest of hands and Teeth over the weekend. I had to know what happened next, I became very involved in the world, and when I would guess what direction the story would go, I was wrong, and it kept me guessing. Great read!

MossPosse said...

Not sure if you'll look back at these comments now that you're several posts later, but I have a question: do you do pretty much the same thing at each stop on your tour? It's a drive either way and I'm debating whether to head to Anderson's Bookshop on Thursday or the Schaumburg Borders on Saturday. Any reason to pick one over the other? (Maybe you can't show that kind of favoritism?!) Mostly curious if anything will be happening at one and not the other?