Thursday, April 16, 2009

Midnight Radio

Okay, so my radio gig wasn't technically at midnight, but still, I like that song hence the title of the post!  So yesterday was a great day!  I had a blast talking to the college class about my books and an awesome time doing the radio interview.  The producer/host of the show in Australia, Erica, was totally cool -- so much so that when it was time for me to go I was a little sad because I wanted to keep chatting with her!  She just has one of those personalities that makes you feel like fast friends which made the whole experience tons of fun.

What was also fun about it?  I got to sit in an actual sound booth with the headphones and everything.  At first, I was fairly nervous and really had no idea what to do.  I got there early and spent about ten minutes staring at the microphone and wondering what all the knobs meant.  Also I felt a little star-struck because I was at the local NPR station which is the station I always listen to and I kept looking around at everyone, wondering which voices they were :)

Also, I'm not sure the producer on my end was really quite prepared for what we were going to be talking about: romance, zombies, the apocalypse.  She came into my booth at the end laughing about it (I get that a lot when people meet me and then hear what the book is about -- they sort of don't expect it) and saying it sounded like something she wanted to read!  Let's hope she's not the only one who wants to pick up a copy of The Forest of Hands and Teeth after listening to the interview :)

 I was so nervous before hand and so high on excitement afterward that I forgot to ask the local producer to take my picture.  So this is really the only shot I have!  The whole experience?  Totally way cool!!

Now it's back to revising.  Which means that over the next couple of weeks y'all will probably be subjected to lots of "cat on manuscript looking cute" pictures rather than info intense blogs.  But seriously, the cat on manuscript?  Way cuter than anything I have to say...


Adele said...

Can't wait. I am going to have a poke around the ABC site and see if it's posted yet.

Look forward to hearing what you have to say. I have actually submitted some questions for you via Australian publishers but I have no idea when they will reach you. Regardless, I intend on rearranging some book displays this week ;)

Unknown said...

I knew you'd have a blast :)