Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Dark Side

This is what happens when you're the little sister of two older boys:


Jennifer said...

Bahahaa, that's great! Adorable, in a Darth Vader-y way.
Sorta reminds me I don't have any older brothers, but my cousin and I were weird like that when we were kids. :D

(Oh, and my mom and I just finished reading The Forest of Hands and Teeth. I won the signed copy from Beth over at Writing it Out. We both loved it!)

Chris said...

Don't you love the pink and green prissy monogrammed tshirt, miniskirt and pink sandals? That's my favorite part. Southern priss meets sith lord.

Carrie Ryan said...

LOL Jenna - I think every kid goes through a darth vader stage!

Chris - I think southern priss = sith lord (don't you remember deb season??)

Anonymous said...

Ahahahaha, that's a girl to grow up to FEAR!

Anonymous said...

That's super cute. :)

Just so you know, it didn't cross post to your LJ.