Friday, February 20, 2009

O Romero, Romero, wherefore art thou, Romero?

First up, the winners of the autographed Shadowed Summer giveaway are:

leeaverday and Kathleen Foucart!  

Email me at carrie AT to claim your prize!!

So other than visiting my family, the reason I've been MIA this week is because of this:

Yes, that's right.  George Romero is in town. THE George Romero.  Is here.  All weekend.  I'm meeting him today.  In a couple of hours.  ME meeting GEORGE ROMERO!  And then I'm going to listen to him talk about his movies and watch said movies.  All weekend long.

I promise to give a full report.  But for now I must go find my "in case of zombie emergency follow me" t-shirt and get ready for his signing.  


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Unknown said...

EEEEEEEEE!!! How exciting!