Thursday, January 08, 2009

Revision brain

You know you're deep deep in revisions when you're standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom at 1:30am and staring at yourself wondering "have I already brushed my teeth tonight?"  And then you realize that yes, your breath is minty fresh and your toothbrush is wet and, oh yeah, it's still in your hand.  So you did brush your teeth.

It reminds me of a favorite family story of mine.  My uncle is a rather brilliant professor but can also get very caught up in his thoughts.  According to family lore, one time he was stopped in the stairway at his university by a student and they were discussion something or another.  After the conversation my uncle asked "Was I going up the stairs or down the stairs when you stopped me?"  The student told him he'd been going up the stairs to which my uncle replied "Good!  Then I've had my lunch!"


Pave the Whales said...

Hilarious. I've lost my glasses on my face and my car keys IN MY OWN HAND so I totally understand.

Angie Frazier said...

So funny! My dad once drove 15 miles past the grocery store (his original destination) before he realized he'd completely zoned out. Dangerous! Good luck with revisions :-)

Carrie Ryan said...

Hahaha Woo -- I have SO done that. I remember being a kid with a blanket and wandering around the house for HOURS looking for it. It was on my shoulder where I always kept it. D'oh!

LOL Angie -- I've done that. Growing up my parents lived about 5 miles apart but you'd turn different directions out of school to get to each house. I was constantly going the wrong direction out of habit!

Spy Scribbler said...

Oh, Carrie, LOL! That is not a good sign. :-)

I'm the same way, though!

Anonymous said...

Unrelated but -

I have recently begun to read your blog ever since learning about your book and was going thru your past posts and read about Daphne. Did she find a home? How is she doing. Oh please let me know.


Aun-Juli said...

Haha! That's a great story. =D

Michael Devers said...

I've found myself doing this more and more as I've:

1. Gotten older.
2. Learned the value of complete focus on my current major task.
3. See #1.

Carrie Ryan said...

Hey Anon -- thanks for asking! We did find a great home for her and you've made me realize that I wrote a post about it but never put it up. I'll do that in the next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Carrie, thanks so much for replying. Truthfully i was getting annoyed as you didnt reply for a few days and thought you just don't care (i know u must be busy) and i was so disappointed that i decided to not buy your book (which i am so looking forward to0 if you didn't reply to my comment about Daphne. I love animals and i really wanted to know if she was ok.

Will buy your book. :)