Saturday, January 05, 2008

More Weekend Goals!

Hello all! Yes, it's that time of the week again -- time for some goals! But first, let me tell you about the fast and free-wheeling lifestyle that JP and I lead. Last night, I left work a little early, came home and camped on the couch in front of the fire. JP came home shortly thereafter, we cooked dinner and then partied like mad! If you define partying like mad as laying on the couches in front of the fire and falling asleep no later than 8PM. Seriously folks -- we both feel asleep by 8PM on a Friday night. Woke up around 11, went to bed and read, and back to sleep by 2AM. Laaaammmee.

In my own defense, I've been trying to give up caffeine for new years and have had a MONSTER headache since Friday afternoon. Seriously, I thought sleep would cure it, but it was still there this morning and has been getting worse. Hurts to even move my head now (and I've been drinking tons of water and tried taking Advil). Anyone have any suggestions? How do I get rid of this pain?

So, the pain might interfere with goals, but I'm hoping it will go away by the end of the day. Thus, I will be optimistic:
  1. Must read FHT like a reader. Straight through (still haven't accomplished this yet). I'm hoping substantive edits will be done Monday so we can send this sucker into copy-editing.
  2. Clean the house. We fried up a few things on NYE and cooked bacon this morning. Since we can't open windows (all painted shut right now), it's like walking into a grease pit. Plus, there's just stuff everywhere (including wrapping paper still under the tree).
  3. Maybe take down tree. Maybe.
  4. Get rid of stupid headache (that should be #1).
  5. Maybe take a walk if headache goes away and it's not too cold outside.
  6. Maybe some random errands, maybe a trip to the grocery store.
  7. Write goals post I promised.

See, this is the jet-setting life-style I lead! We all know I'll probably end up playing on the internet for another hour, napping, and then whining about my head some more if it's not better (stupid diet coke -- I only ever had one glass a day, that shouldn't have been enough to trigger withdrawal!!).


Anonymous said...

I know you don't want to hear this but the walk actually might help the headache.

From, mother Chris

Carrie Ryan said...

Probably a good idea -- I'm actually feeling much better now (2 hour nap in front of the fire). It's a gorgeous day outside -- much warmer than it's been all week!