Saturday, January 12, 2008

And Yet Even More Fun with Goals!

Yes, it's been blog light around here. I'm starting to think that just might be my MO. During the week I think of all these fab things to write and then I get home and it's like white noise in my head. Plus, with the start of the year I've had billable hours to contend with and editing to do and all that fun stuff. There's something cruel about starting the year off with a holiday so that your first day back at work you're already down billable hours for the year...

ANYways, my 30th birthday is on Tuesday. And I've had great plans to write my 2008 goals post and my "where am I now that I'm turning 30" post, but unfortunately I still have these edits to contend with. I would think that turning 30 would make me feel more like an adult, but no. Just yesterday I got sick (fever and everything!) and I called my older sister and asked her about it because, as an adult and a mom, she is now an expert on these things (ie: do I need to be worried because I feel like I've been knifed). Nothing makes you feel more like a kid than that :)

So this weekend I have yet that same everlasting goal:
  1. Finish edits on The Forest of Hands and Teeth.

At this stage, both JP and I are reading it, trying to look at it through readers eyes. This means that JP is currently playing a video game while I read the same paragraph over and over and over again trying to determine which word choice is better. Actually, JP is editing on his computer (this is like the 3d time he's read this book and not the last, bless him) and I'm editing on hard copy and then I have to put my edits into his version. Hopefully, taking the day off yesterday due to said illness (still recovering) has given me enough distance that I don't obsess quite as much.

Once this sucker is turned in on Tuesday (yes, that would be the same day as my 30th birthday), I'm done! For a while. And JP and I celebrate!

And then it's on to the next book...

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