Saturday, March 10, 2007

More weekend goals (updated!)

Ok, so it worked really well last time I posted my weekend goals so I'm going to do it again. Gives me some accountability.

First, I have contest entries to judge that are due today. I always do this, I read the entries as soon as I get them because I'm so excited. But then I realize I have tons of time to judge and so I put it off to the last day. So that should take a good chunk of Saturday to do.

Second, I want to write some real blog entries. I was getting some decent momentum and now nothin'. And I have lots to say. Even a book I really want to talk about. Yes, I did write them, but you don't get to see them yet :)

Third, work on WIP. Yes, once again I'm in the middle of a big scene. Stuff is happening. I want to finish this scene and then clean up the last 10k and send it off to be critiqued. That last part (getting it cleaned up to send) would be a bonus to the weekend - my main writing goal is to add lots of words to my WIP.

The house is clean, the dog is worn out from doggie day care yesterday (yes, we have become those people) and I'm boycotting my blackberry so I can't get dragged into work. So everything is set for a great and productive weekend.

Wish me luck!
sigh... for some reason I can't even comment on my own blog. But Miri pointed out that I wasn't quite clear in my post... when I said last 10k I meant the last 10k I wrote, not the last 10k of my WIP. I only wish I was that close to the end... sigh...


Miri said...

Ah, the elusive last 10k...I hope it goes just like you want it to. Good luck!

Out of curiosity, what contest entries are these?


Carrie Ryan said...

Hey Miri,

For some reason I couldn't comment earlier so I just added to the post the first part of what you said. As for which contest - it was the Winter Rose. Great entries this year!

Miri said...

Ah. I thought you'd be a little more exited and/or tired if it were the actual last 10k, but I wasn't sure. So you edit as you go? That's awesome. There's no way I could do that. I'd never finish anything.

Winter Rose...I'll have to look that up. Sounds lovely, though. That's with RWA, isn't it?

(Not a romance writer, so I'm a bit out of the loop on most of these things...nothing against romance writers, of course!)

Carrie Ryan said...

Hey Miri! Edit as I go is a loose way of putting it :) I'm writing this in first person present so all the editing I do before sending it out to be critted is make sure the tense is right (in action scenes I tend to slip into past) and that there are no glaring plot holes. This WIP has tons of editing left to do at the end :)

Winter Rose is an RWA contest. RWA local chapters have lots of contests and many of them are quite good!

Spy Scribbler said...

"The house is clean..."

Ohmigosh! Wow. I really wish I could say that. When I read you saying that, I realized it's been years since I've been able to say that! How sad is that? Congratulations on all you got done! (I'm assuming the strike-out lines are like checkmarks?)