Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tagged! The bookcase meme

I've been tagged by Miri for a meme involving books! And we all know I love books! It involves counting books. We all know that lawyers only become lawyers cause they suck at math so please know that all numbers in this post may or may not be correct. I may just give up and fear Miri (and Patrick's) ire!

Miri gives an awesome breakdown of the books she owns (131 including manga) and very rightly states that you can learn a lot about a person by looking at their bookcase. I can't agree more - the first thing I do when I go to someone's house (apartment, etc) for the first time is sneak glances at their bookcases. Unfortunately for me, in a fit of "uncluttering my life" I packed up all the books that were my "core" and stored them before going to law school and I still haven't dragged them out of storage. Though I wonder if they would be my core books today...

Anyway, the meme she proposes is: give us a general breakdown of your bookshelf, by number of authors, genre, series, anything you want. That's a lot of counting. And if I do all that counting I'll never get this post up.

So, since we just found our digital camera, I'll cheat and answer the meme via illustrations!!

To begin, more than half are in boxes at my parent's houses and others are at various family member houses since we pass books around. Recently I cleaned off the floor on my side of the bed and came up with 20+ books!

Without further ado, here are photos of all the books in our house (well, a good majority of them):*

This is a small book-case in our guest room. Basically I use it as a place to store magazines, a carton for important papers, photo albums, etc. As we can all see, this poor little guy needs a bit of work!

Then there's our other little bookcase in the living room. This one is a depository for The Boy's F&SFs, some paperbacks, and cookbooks. Lots and lots of cookbooks. The Boy loves to cook and I am the happy happy recipient! Astute gazers will note the dog bone, the boxes for memorabilia, and the picture frame that the dog knocked over and broke. And the cat hair roller. And the random piece of decorative ribbon. We tend to have those about as cat toys.

Then there are our two big bookcases.
This one on the left The Boy and I share. It stays pretty static (and there's generally a chair in front of it but it broke and we need to get a new one. The one on the right tends to get used as a place to put dog stuff since it's right in front of the dog cage. As y'all can see, this one still has some space left to fill, but not much (and there's only space cause I just sent a load of books to my mom and sisters). You may also note Daphne's e-collars decorating the top!

And then of course, are the books that are scattered throughout the house (and throughout this post) On a random table. On the dining room table. On the bedside table. On the floor next to my side of the bed. In a suitcase. Holding the bed up. On my dresser (yes, I have to put laundry away.) I live my life surrounded by books. And thanks to my Amazone Prime membership I keep adding to the collection at break-neck speeds! I know, I know, libraries are our friends... I just love to own books! I tag Diana, Patrick, and Erica - tell us about your books either in as much detail as Miri or as much laziness as me :)

* no comments on my inability to keep a clean house. I have 2 ruptured disks and can't bend over right now... house gets dirty when you can't bend over. And we all know it would be spotless were I healthy...


Patrick Alan said...

You should tell your cat that it is wrong to put Nelson DeMille and Danielle Steele in the same pile since he openly mocks her in his books.

Incidentally, I was standing on goals when you tagged me so it doesn't count because well, I was on goals. But because I am super cool, I will attempt to play along.

My wife almost got bionic disks, instead, she just had it fused. Coming up on the 1 year check up.

Miri said...

{insert mad cackling here}

Well, our tastes might not overlap too much (from what I saw) but you're certainly no less of a packrat. I only have the one shelf, and that's alphabetized!

I kid, I kid. I'll just have to keep buying books as long as I live, to see if I can beat you out number-wise. :)


Patrick Alan said...

So, mine is up. I'm a little slow. Looking at the shelves, I'm noticing how many books I've read that I no longer own...

Erica Ridley said...

Ooh, look at all the books! I'm very similar... I have books in every room of the house!