Saturday, January 13, 2007

random phone calls

Totally not a writing related post...

But I just got a call from the police department. It's not the first call I've gotten from them and I'm sure not the last. When I pick up, an automatic voice tells me to press any key to get an important message. The first time I did this it was an auto police message telling me there was a marathon being run near my neighborhood and to expect traffic delays and to please find alternative routes.

Very good to know! Can't remember the second message. But this one tonight was a missing persons report. An 80 year old mas has gone missing, wandered away and they put out an auto alert to let us in the neighborhood know to be on the lookout. Gave us a description and everything.

Now I know a lot of people hate to get automated messages, but I thought this was awesome. It made me feel safe and secure. Like if something happened to me there would be a phone call going to everyone in my neighborhood to help. It makes me feel like I'm part of a small community rather than a large city.

I definately think those calls are totally worth it. Really cool. And I'll be on the lookout for that poor 80 year old man.

Now, back to writing. The Boy is out of town (even though it's my birthday season!!) and I must take advantage of it!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday when it comes! And you're a dear to let him go--but it's for a really good cause. Just talked with Theo (it is his very BD today) and he said they were having fun, in a geeky guy kind of way.

I learned to love the police when I lived by myself and they kindly came everytime I heard a rustle in the leaves outside at 3 AM. Good guys, much of the time.

Carrie Ryan said...

Nancy - I just got an email that said they spent the day at the sci-fi museum. So up their alley! I hope they're having a good time celebrating Theo's birthday. I was totally glad that JP had a chance to go hang out with all of them (though I def. did not envy that plane trip!). As for me, I planned to spend this weekend cleening but bought shoes instead :)

As for the rustle in the leaves... just after I got off the phone with my dad tonight (which included talking about the recent burglaries in my neighborhood) I heard a loud crash. About scared the life out of me! When I took the dog for a walk I found out that either the wind or something/someone else had knocked over the port-a-potty next door! Ew! But I was happy to find out what caused the crash!