Thursday, January 04, 2007


Ok, me=bad blogger of late. I have excuses. Lots of them. Good ones too. But if I was going to take the time to type up my excuses I could instead write a real post so I'm not going to bother tonight. I just wanted to pop by, say that I'm here, apologize for my absesnse and promise that soon I will be posting more.

Lots of writers out there have posted their resolutions. No time now to go get links for you, I'll try to grab those later. But I've loved reading them all. Soon I will post my own.

The good news is that I'm writing. 1.6k tonight. Just under 9k since I sent it out for a quick crit at 20k (for those of you good with math that means that I'm just under 30k so far). Originally this was going to be YA so I was aiming for 60k (actually 50, but we all know I'm too verbose for that). Some folks think it may not be YA. So that means I need more words. But rather than stress I've just decided to write the story and see how far it takes me. After all, that's the way this project has been all along!

Happy New Year everyone!

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