Friday, September 10, 2010

The Living Dead 2: Flotsam & Jetsam (free!)

It's been the summer o' anthologies for me!  First my short story about Sister Tabitha as a teen, Hare Moon, came out in Kiss Me Deadly, in a few weeks my short story set in Curacao (which explains where the term Mudo comes from) will be out in Zombies vs. Unicorns, and just a week ago another short story, Flotsam & Jetsam, came out in The Living Dead 2 anthology edited by John Joseph Adams! (for links to more information and how to purchase, click here).

Flotsam & Jetsam is about a group of teens who go on a senior cruise right when the zombie apocalypse happens (they clearly were unaware).  Infection breaks out on the ship, two boys escape into a life raft and one of them's infected (cue dun-dun-dun music).  I really love this story -- it's the first time I've written from a male POV and wrote something actually in the range of short story length.

I can't tell you how amazingly thrilled I am about this anthology and it's been getting a lot of love out there -- a starred review from PW and even Simon Pegg (of Shaun of the Dead fame) called the collection a "must for any self respecting zombie completist."  It's packed with stories (44!) that are a mixture of reprints and originals and the author list blows me away: Max Brooks, Robert Kirkman, David Wellington, Charie Priest, Jonathan Mayberry and Kelley Armstrong to name a few -- there are so many wonderful authors!

Honestly, I'm still stunned I got to be a part of this anthology.  And not just be a part of it, but have my name on the cover.  I'm not lying, I cried when I saw it (I'll blog more on that later).

John's set up a fantastic website for the anthology here.  There are interviews with various authors (my interview is here) and even free stories (you can read Flotsam & Jetsam for free here).

Yes, that's right -- you can read my short story FOR FREE! Yay!

I hope y'all like the story and love the anthology as much as I do.  Being such a big zombie fan, I'm thrilled to have so much to sink my teeth into :)


Abbie said...

Wow, I just read the short story - AMAZING. You are such a brilliant writer. Your books are probably my all-time favorites.

Hmm, I want to buy the book, but I haven't read anything by any of the other authors. Well, I'll look around for it anyway :).

I am SO excited for Dark and Hollow Places! :D

Anonymous said...

WOW. That was awful and beautiful at the same time. If that makes sense.

Cinette said...

Touching story, Carrie. Even though they know they are dead, they can't help trying to survive. Human nature is so incredible, isn't it?

Shirley Shimer said...

This was a horrifyingly good story! The desperation and loss of hope, but joy at finally (kind of) being saved from a nightmare was absolutely tangible. THANK YOU!!!

Unknown said...

You just made my husband's night. He has the first antho, and he didn't know there was a second one!

Carrie Ryan said...

Thanks so much for reading the story and commenting, y'all! I love that y'all like this story as much as I do -- I'm so thrilled!!

Cassidy said...

I really liked the short story! I knew as soon as I saw that you were on Team Zombie you would have an awesome story! I can't wait for the next book in your series!! :)

Unknown said...

Loved the story FLOTSAM AND JETSAM. You made me care about the characters in ten short pages. It really captures the reader's imagination. I just finished the story last night and had to look up other books you wrote this morning. Thanks!

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