Monday, November 02, 2009

Still not here, AASL & NaNo

I feel like I should have a sound file of crickets chirping for when this page loads since I haven't been around in a while.  I promise to get back to regular blogging... I just have this issue of my deadline to contend with first.  What's funny is that I have a ton of blogs in my head - it's what I tend to think about when I fall asleep at night.  If only I could direct wire my brain to my laptop...

I had a fantastic time in NYC an amazing series of school visits with my local library system, a very happy (though damp) Halloween and I just need to upload pics so I can share them.  I promise... soon!

I'm super excited about this week because it's the AASL Pit Stop in my hometown (at the Charlotte Convention Center) and I'll be signing at table 10 from 12:45-2:15 and then will be signings at the Follett Library Resources Booth from 3:30-4:30.  But this also means that a TON of friends are coming to town and I'm just stoked to see them all!

It's also the beginning of NaNo - yay!  I'm not officially entering because I already have a WIP but I'll still be churning out words with the rest of you.  I have a special fondness for NaNo since that's when I started writing The Forest of Hands and Teeth back in 2006.

Speaking of NaNo and writing... I have much of that to do today so I must get back to it.  Happy writing all!


Anonymous said...

Loved AASL and the Pit Stop. I signed at Table 8, and had a great time. The Exploritorium was the most fun, however. One photo showed up in the Daily Advocate, and I'm hoping to find others.

Judith Geary

Hailey said...

hi, my little sister is in mr.sells class and she told me about your books, they look good cant wait to start reading them :]

Heather said...


About a week ago I was handed The Forest of Hands and Teeth by a friend.

I loved it, and had no idea it was part of a series... so finding that out has just been added bonus.

I'm following you, excited to see what you're up to next! :)

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