Monday, August 03, 2009

Who would you cast?

Last week I mentioned that MTV (!!!!) posted a fantastic review of The Forest of Hands and Teeth and mentioned that they'd be following up with a "who would you cast in the movie" post.  Here it is!  They lead off by asking whether Kristen Stewart should play the lead role of Mary.

As I told Sabrina Rojas Weiss, I'm pretty terrible at trying to figure out who I'd cast in the movie versions of my books.  One reason is that I never really see the characters that clearly as people, and the other (contradictory) reason is that what I do see I have a hard time equivocating on.  So I know all these traits about my characters and then when I try to pair them up with an actor or actress, there's never someone exactly dead on.

That's one reason I was so stunned when I first saw the cover of The Forest of Hands and Teeth.  She's a fantastic Mary.  Maybe not exactly what I saw in my head, but I can very much see her being Mary.  I feel the same way about Kristen Stewart -- I'd love to see what she could do!!

And of course as y'all know, I love to day dream :)  So who would you cast in the movie version of The Forest of Hands and Teeth?  Do you agree or disagree with who MTV chose?


KT Grant said...

I can't see Kristen as Mary but I can see Alexis Bledel from Gilmore Girls. But again these two are older than Mary so perhaps a younger teen?
It is so hard to cast charcters sometimes.

Shanella said...

no no no .... Kristen cannot be Mary!

I think Camilla Belle would be a better fit.

Kaara Stray said...

I would suggest Sara Paxton, who has this beautifully soft and wispy voice that might do wonders for the movie version of Mary. A change of hair color and she might fit the role. She's also done some serious roles but perhaps she's too old. On the other hand I'd suggest Emma Roberts who has a lovely face and has tried her hand at a variety of roles including the new Nancy Drew. But she doesn't seem to have done anything very serious at this point.
And the overall problem with these girls and most any teenage actress is they tend to stick to very light and sweet works.
Personally, I'd rather leave it to open auditions and leave it in your hands. I think that if you are at the auditions, you'll know when you see the girl who most embodies Mary. :3

suzie townsend said...

Alexis Bledel is probably a little too old - even though she looks young, but I think Camilla Bell would be awesome!

the OTHER Tally Youngblood said...


Kristen Stewart can NOT be Mary. She's too famous from twilight stuff. I can see her as Bella and no one else. (don't get me wrong I LOVE twilight.) I could be Mary. That is, If I'm don't get to play Tally Youngblood first. (Yes, Uglies is being made into a movie and I want the best for both TFOHAT and UGLIES. Also New Moon.)

Hooray 4 book movies they sometimes (oops did I say sometimes? I meant 95.9% of the time) suck but still!

the OTHER Tally Youngblood said...

Wait Carrie, I'm confused is Kristen Stewart on the cover of the book, or are you just making a refrence to her look-alikeness to the model on the cover?

Meez wud lykes id ef yu'd rezbond 2 mi kawmendt

bie! :D

Rebecca Knight said...

After reading the book, I felt the girl gracing the cover was spot-on, too :).

That's so exciting about the movie rights! Congratulations!

a wise and friendly horse, did that actually come up? said...

I'm not really sure, mostly because I don't know many actors/actresses names :D
But I don't think Kristen Stewart should do it, everyone sees her as 'Bella' and people who see the film may have a hard time seeing her as 'Mary' and not as the beloved of a brooding immortal.

The same thought springs to mind with Emma Watson, for one I really can't see her as Mary at all because to me she is just Hermoine, and I would be wondering where's Ron, Harry, Voldemort and Dumbledore? Instead of watching the film with my full attention. I usually don't like book movies because they are so different to what I imagined and the characters don't fit or something. The Harry Potter films are probably the only book films I've ever liked thoroughly including the cast, Hoorah! But I would probably suggest Kaya Scodelario from skins. She hasn't done much acting and I don't know why, but she's very good I think. She plays Effy, a serious and brooding character, she's also very beautiful. And because she hasn't done much acting maybe many won't know her as Effy. The girl on the cover would be good as people may already see her as Mary as she is on the cover. Was Camilla Belle the girl from 10,000 BC? If so I think she would be very good too. Lol I sure did rant for someone who isn't sure, rant over! Good luck with the casting :)

Btw I hope the unconsecrated aren't too scary because I'm well, a wimp and a huge coward. I watched jaws when I was thirteen last year and though the shark didn't look real and roared when it came out of the water it really scared me. Now I avoid swimming in the sea and even a photograph of a shark strikes terror in me. When I began to get over it my friend made me watch deep blue sea!! Omg the sharks were too real this time, couldn't sleep for days!

Now my rant really is over! Hope the movie turns out well, I may have to watch it from behind a pillow ^^

Julie ;-D said...

Yeah do you think it will be really scary? 'Shawn of the dead' made me jump a few times and it was the spoof one! When I finished reading your book at around 3am (I couldn't put it down) I thought I could go to sleep but lay awake thinking about it for another hour or so, jumping at every little noise outside my room. So, I too, am a bit of a coward, a wise and friendly horse?? Camilla Belle seems a good choice but the girl on the cover would be very appropriate.

Aika :D said...

well, i don't really know, but i've read all the comments and seen the actresses pictures on google and i think that the best person i can imagine as mary is either Kaya Scodelario or alexis bledel because they kind of have eyes that seem to look right through you and day dream about the ocean. they both can act and they are beautiful, they can also pretty much pull off the curious attitude of mary and also her confusions and wonder about the world. I also think that they are pretty much old enough to face the situations of mary.
Oh and please pick a handsome actor for travis and harry, and jed,and beth. and cutie for jacob
And though i can't seem to see a story of mary without travis, i give my luck and hope that the next book would be great and chilling just like this book. oh and i also give luck to your casting :D P.S i seriously hope travis can somehow be with mary (well, not as zombies, but still :)

Chey said...

Since Tabitha was head of the Sisters, I always imagined her older. So for her i thought Maggie Smith. As for Mary's mother maybe Embeth Davidtz. Trevor Duke as Harry.Ryan Gosling for Mary's brother. Aimee Teegarden for Cass. Anna Popplewell as Mary? I really liked the girl on the cover..if only she acted..

As Told By Ginger said...

I think michelle trachtenberg or Kat Dennings or Mary. And Steve Byers or maybe Chad Michael Murray for Travis.

Anonymous said...

Kristen would make a wonderful Mary. Although, when I read the book I thought of Mary as being more substantial -- not heavy, but filled, out, womanly -- as she sneaks into see Travis in her nightie, etc. I think it is strange how MTV has suggested actors for the boys that very so much in age, a generation really. Likewise, I think of the boys as not being emo looking teen heart throbs, but as being healthy, athletic looking guys whose arms could hold their weight as they shimmed across a rope. Perhaps it would be best if relative unknown actors were cast, as was the case in Twilight, and the characters were created anew.

Rose said...

Hmm... I was always imagining Ellen Page as Mary. Not that Kristen wouldn't be great, but I think she's a little too glam. I was also imagining Alexa Vega, though I think both actresses are probably too old for Mary now.

Krissy D. said...

Wow, so i looked up Kaya Scodelario, which another commenter suggested, and while I've never seen her act, from her pictures, she seems perfect for the role of Mary to me!

Kristen Stewart could NEVER be Mary, because she's not a good enough actress. There, i said it. Everyone was thinking it.

Lisabucket said...

not only is she to Twilight infected...but she can't act....she could NOT pull off Mary...At all because she shows no emotion when she acts. She always plays the moody teenager who think shes to cool for everyone.

Sianna said...

I love Kristen, but I cant see her being tied down to do another book series, especailly not knowing how long it will be until Twilight is over. If i were her i wouldnt want to be knowon for only doing movies made from teen novels.

I reall think Dakota Fanning is a good match! The girl on the cover actually reminds me of her. Plus, she shes the perfect age.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine any famous person acting as Mary.. My friends say that I could be her because we look similar haha(:

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't be a well known actress. You should hold auditions, for a range of girls from about 16-20 and see what comes up. Honestly, you'd be surprised what you'd find. Some of the best actresses are found in auditions like these, and new actors will do a better job portraying the character since they haven't been in another series or movie. Just pair the lead role of Mary with a few well known male actors who fit the roles, and it's bound to be a success. It'll give die hard aspiring actors hto have a go at it- and it can't hurt! :)

Anonymous said...

i was thinking NOT KRISTEN. buuut EMILY BROWNING grace full soft whispy voice yes(:

Anonymous said...

My name is Celestial Wechter. I'm 15 and a small-town aspiring actress. As I read your phenomenal trilogy I found myself nearly frightened with the similarities between myself and Mary. Seeing as I'm not famous I'm sure I wouldn't be the best idea for the role, however I can suggest some actresses I do see with some possible potential, and honestly I would be horrified to see Kristen Stewart as Mary. It may truly ruin the experience for me. My reasoning for this would likely lie with that for one, she's far too publicized at the moment that seeing her as different roles sometimes confuses me as to what I'm watching, two, she is and always will be Bella (no complaint- she played it well) and three, I've seen her act in love and I don't very much see potential with her and the level of intensity that goes with Travis.

May I suggest instead, Jennifer Lawrence. She very likely could be too busy with her thriving role in The Hunger Games trilogy, but she or an actress of the same variety could quite plausibly do wonders for the film.

However, if you do decide in the end to go along with open auditions, I would absolutely adore it if you came to Portland, Oregon. Not just for my sake, but for the abundant selection of untouched actresses AND actors that many casting groups have overlooked due to the blind eye they turn to the west coast after looking at California.

I cannot wait for this to hit theaters, and I know that whoever you end up casting will be perfect in the end!

JoJa said...

Kristen Stewart or Alexis Bledel would have been an amazing Mary but they are too old now. I think the person should be young and they should have dark hair. I couldn't imagine any actresses playing Mary so I think that Mary should be played by a young, maybe unheard of actress who did some Indie films before. I could imagine Sister Tabitha and Cass as Meryl Streep/Maggie Smith and Dakota Fanning. I can't wait for it to come out! I hope does the book justice though. Good luck trying to find the cast, good luck!

Katie gruen said...

Please don't cast Kristen. I am a huge fan but she is nothing like what Mary is supposed to be like! She's a terrible actress, boring to look at, and wednesday Adams has more emotions than she does. With all respect carry please do not ruin this brilliant movie with that terrible waste of space actress.

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