Friday, May 01, 2009

Suite Scarlett, Wings, and Third Printings

A friend's book came out today (Aprilynne Pike's Wings) and so decided to take a trip to my local Borders so I could take a picture and share in squee-tastic news. Also, I got a big honking coupon for Borders I could only use today :) I arrive at my local Borders only to find that the copy of Wings they have has already sold, but they had some at the other Borders and did I want to head down there? D'oh! I didn't even know there WAS another Borders!

So I snapped a photo of my book on the Original Voices stand (wahoo!) and headed on down the road. And of course I'm thinking (rather than listen to swine flu news, though had there been news of the zombie swine flu I'd have been paying rapt attention!) and it occurs to me, "You know what other book just came out?  The paperback of Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson, one of my favorite people (and clearly one of the funniest.)"  And this got me even MORE excited about heading to this famed new Borders (even though it is far far away from home).

I arrive and what do I find?  More copies of The Forest of Hands and Teeth sitting up by the information desk!  So I ask if I can sign stock and I meet Lisa who is a fabulous bookseller and takes time to wander the shelves with me as we ooh and ahh over our favorite books (and I tell her about how Maureen Johnson is going to trapeze school as I nab my copy of Suite Scarlett).  Just about that time, another bookseller lets me know that they just got in more copies of my book and did I want to sign them?  When they come out I do what I always do - glance at the copyright page - and LO AND BEHOLD!   It's from a third printing!!

What a great day!  Not only do I get to find out fun news like third printings, but I get to dish books with a fellow book lover and I get Suite Scarlett and I get my friend Aprilynne's debut!!

I've feel like I've known Aprilynne forever, following her blog from before either one of us was agented or sold a book.  Not only was it just really awesome to be able to follow the news of her finding a fab agent and selling her series to Harper Collins, but I also got to become friends with her when we became debs.  We've been able to go through this whole process together.  She's really supported me when I needed it and I couldn't be more thrilled for her that her debut, Wings, is finally out!  I know she's going to have a fabulous release week :)

So have fun in trapeze school, Maureen and congrats on your release Aprilynne!


Lenore Appelhans said...

Third printing! That's amazing :)

B.E. Sanderson said...

Woohoo. Congrats on the third printing. =o)

Hey, wouldn't a zombie swine flu be more like a zombie aporkalypse? ;o)

Jennifer said...

Woohoo, that's awesome! Third printing already. That's gotta rock.
I've seen a few people around here (Forrest Co., Mississippi) reading it lately, and there's an entire three shelves at the local Books-A-Million devoted to it. Apparently it's doing very well. As it should. ;)