Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Forest of Hands and Teeth on Tour!

Hey y'all!  I'm back at home after spending the weekend in Greenville for my launch party.  I had a great time and will hopefully have pics later today or tomorrow (I was so busy signing books that I didn't have a chance to actually take any pics).  I was so so SO lucky that friends came a long way to support me (thanks Saundra and Jackson and Beth!) and THEY took lots of pics :)

Anyway, as y'all know I've been hosting fellow 2009 Debs on my blog as part of the Debs Blog Tour.  This means that I'm also making the rounds!  I've had the best time answering so many great questions and I hope you like the answers!  Here are links to all the fellow debs hosting interviews with me!

3/10  Aprilynne Pike
3/11  Rhonda Stapleton
3/12  Kate Messner
3/13  Sydney Salter
3/14  Danielle Joseph
3/15   Stacey Jay
3/16 Jenny Moss
3/17 Erin Dionne
3/18  J.E. Macleod
3/19  Cheryl Renee Herbsman
3/20  R.J. Anderson
3/21  Pam Bachorz
3/22  Kristina Springer
3/23  Jon Skovron
3/24  Chris Rylander
3/27  Leigh Brescia 
3/28 Saundra Mitchell
3/30  Mandy Hubbard 
4/1    L.K. Madigan
4/2    Megan Crewe
4/3    Cynthia Liu
4/4    Heather Duffy-Stone
4/5    Neesha Meminger
4/6    Cindy Pon 
4/7    Sarah Cross 
4/8    Sarah MacLean
4/9    Deva Fagan
4/10  Michelle Zink
4/11  Megan Frazer 
4/12  Cyn Balog 
4/13  Jennifer Jabaley
4/15 Sarah Ockler

I've also done interviews on other blogs and have had some really awesome reviews -- I'll be posting a round up of those later in the week!


Patrick Alan said...

I'm bummed I didn't make it to your release party.

And I am laughing because I just found the cruise ship story interview. :)

Carrie Ryan said...

hahaha. Yes, that was a good time. What makes it even more fun was interviewing with one of the chaperones (who'd been watching) for a job later that year. Fun times indeed.

Patrick Alan said...

Ha Ha! That must of been a great interview. I can think of so many inappropriate things that could have been said in that interview.