Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Website is live!

YAY! My website is up!! I love love love it! What do y'all think?

So, a year ago, right after I'd sold The Forest of Hands and Teeth, I knew that I wanted to have a website and that I probably wouldn't have the time (or skills) to set it up myself. I started looking around at various sites to get a feel for different looks and designers. Usually, I would love a large chunk of a designer's portfolio, but there would be a few sites that I was more "meh" about. Until I started looking at Xuni's sites. Her designs are exactly what I always wanted: clean, clear, dynamic (without being overwhelming) and just gorgeous. I love the look of all of them!

I was thrilled beyond belief that she had space to take me on as a client! But I had a terrible time coming up with images of what I wanted. And then one day I was up in the mountains with JP's family and his brother had a fancy new camera. It was a misty, foggy fall morning and I asked if he'd be willing to take a few forest shots and he agreed! They were (and still are) perfect and those are the shots that Xuni used as the placeholder page (which I also LOVED). They're also the shots that make up a good chunk of the header for the site. So that makes my website even more special to me that my fiance's brother is the one who took the forest pictures!

Xuni has been a total dream to work with! She took my barest hint of ideas and turned them into an amazing site that is exactly what I wanted. At every step she's gone above and beyond and I can't thank, or recommend her, enough!!

So stop by, take a look, and tell me what you think! And if you have thoughts or FAQs, send them my way!


Erik said...

The website looks great! And the release date couldn't be better (it coincides with my annual birthday book buying binge).

The Compulsive Reader said...

Love, love, love the site! I can't wait to read the book! Excitement is driving me mad!

JKB said...

YAY It looks wonderful!

I'm waiting urgently to read the book! Pity I have to have it sent from the US!

JenWriter said...

Your website is gorgeous. It's professional yet shows personality and sets the tone well for your book.

I also read the excerpt. I'm hooked and can't wait to read more.

Brooke Taylor said...

Love it--is gorgeous and very easy to navigate. Those pictures are perfect.

Vicki said...

The site looks amazing, it totally gives me the sense of the world. I read the excerpt and now wish I hadn't...because it's going to hard waiting for the book to come out! :)

the story siren said...

wow, it looks fantastic!

cindy said...

congratulations! it looks wonderful!

B.E. Sanderson said...

The site looks awesome. I love the pics your future BIL took. They seem perfect for your concept. Congratulations! =o)

Carrie Ryan said...

Erik - so glad you like it! And nothing sounds better than an annual birthday book buying binge -- that's my idea of the perfect gift!

I'm so glad you like the site CR -- once I get the blog shifted over I'm hoping to pull your widget in -- I LOVE that thing (and I think half my family visits it every day)! Only 130 days...

JKB - where do you live?

Hey Jen -- yay for liking the excerpt! I'm hoping that in Jan I can actually post the rest of the first chapter :)

Thanks Brooke!

LOL Vicki- I think time has been moving wonky this year cause sometimes it speeds by and sometimes it is SO SLOW!

Glad you like it Siren (I've always loved the design of your site!)

Thanks Cindy!

BE - I was so lucky that the shots he took turned out so well! They're exactly what I was looking for!