Saturday, September 20, 2008

X-treme laziness + weekend goals

Ok, confession. You want to know the real reason I end up posting on my LJ more than here? Aside from the fact that it's easier to respond personally and all of that jazz. The real reason is that I'm lazy. Deeply lazy. Back in the day when I created this blog, I didn't want to use my personal gmail account mostly because I didn't want people at work finding my blog (thus didn't want my real name on it) and so I created another one. Hence the carrie-me. And generally, I keep my computer logged into my personal account all day. Which means that to post on this blog I have to log out of my other account and log into this one.

Really doesn't sound like a lot of trouble or effort does it? But I can't tell you the number of times I've thought "hey! I should blog" and then haven't wanted to go through the trouble of logging out and back in. Of course, mostly that's because I'm chatting in my other account and don't want to interrupt the chat just to go post. So yes, there have been a few times (like this week) that I've just blogged on LJ and not bothered to cross post here.

Lame, I know. I wish there were a way to toggle easily between accounts but... alas. Just thought I'd let y'all know about this since recently I've blogged over on LJ and not cross posted here.

In other news, fall has... erm.... fallen here rather quickly. At least weather wise. A few days ago I was sweating it out in shorts and t-shirts and today has that wonderful crisp fall air that makes everything feel so clean and sharp. I love it. I'm sitting here with the window open, the cat on the dog bed and the dog on the couch. Everyone's enjoying the fresh air!

Many moons ago I used to post weekend goals. Essentially I did it to hold myself accountable and to put my intentions in writing. I haven't done that as much recently because I've been holding me writing process closer to my chest. But, as I round into the home stretch towards my second book being due, I thought it would be fun to get back into the weekend goal habit. So this weekends goal: read Book 2. And then revise it.

I'm not one of those people who reads as she writes -- I try to not look back. I open the document, glance at where I left off and then start writing. If something in the plot needs to change, I put a comment in saying "make this change" and then I keep pushing along. When I'm done, I go back through and write a list of all those comments and then I start reading.

Usually I like to do the first read on paper. But it takes me DAYS to enter in the comments and corrections I make and I just don't feel like taking that time. Not with work being as hectic as it's been recently. So today my plan is to read the draft, make notes (on the document and on a pad of paper) of things I like and don't like and what needs to change. Tomorrow I'll dive in and make all those changes. And then it's off to beta readers - hurrah!

Or at least that's the plan....

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Angie Frazier said...

I also have an LJ blog that I post on much more often than I do my Blogger blog. But I like having both blogs...don't ask me why :-)

Your writing process also reminds me of my own. Just glance at the last scene, and move forward. If I read more than that, I'd never get any writing done!