Monday, August 11, 2008

It's Content Time, Baby!

So my fabulous web designer has sent the prelim design for my website and I love it! I love all her sites (which is one reason I begged her to take me on right after I sold even though she was booked solid), but still - I was so afraid to send her my thoughts when it came time to start the design because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to ever articulate what I like in a website and what I don't like. Hence the delay in getting it done... me not pulling the trigger.

Anyways, all that aside, we're getting closer! So now it's time for me to write content! And what's funny about this is that while I've been happily typing away on Book 2, ideas flowing wonderfully around me, when I sit down to write a FAQ page (notwithstanding the irony of never having been asked any questions much less frequently) I stare at a blank page... no ideas to be found.

So that's where y'all come in! Do you have any questions for me? Even if you don't, are there things you like to know about your authors in general? Questions that you love to see asked and answered? Ideas for what I can put on the FAQ?

Any other content ideas, throw em at me :) Thanks!!


Jessica Burkhart (Jess Ashley) said...

That's great! :) I'd love to hear about your writing schedule. When do you write? How long? Do you outline or just go? What's your workspace like? Things like that!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,

I second Jessica. As a writer, I’m always interested in how other writers work (function? survive?). I love to see pictures of workspaces and writing companions (mine are cats). I’m also interested in what books writers love to read, both for fun and to improve their craft. Just my two cents.


P.S. Agented life is great. Thanks again!

Steph said...

I'm in love with Madeira's work, too. Great choice in a web designer!

As a reader, I *love* hearing about the story behind the story - how you got started writing FOREST, your snagging-an-agent story and about the sale. VERY interesting stuff, at least to me.

If I think of anything else, I'll let you know. ;) Psyched to see your website go live!


The Compulsive Reader said...

Awesome! I can't wait to see it!

Here are a few questions:

Who are some of your favorite authors, both as a teen and adult?

Can you tell us more about how your book came about?

Why did you decide to become a writer?

What's up next? More zombies, or something entirely different?

If a movie of your book was made, who would you cast?

What's it like fianlly being published (or soon to be published!)?

And the obligatory question ever author has, what writing advice can you give?

Hope that helps!


Anonymous said...

I second hearing the story behind the sale, how you snagged an agent etc.
Can't wait to see your site!


Ronald L. Smith said...

Well, I also have to add my voice to the request for the always fun to read Road to Publication Story. I know you may have it on your blog somewhere. I think I read it before.

Congrats on the buzz on the book on the olde Interweb!

Celeste said...

I always like hearing little bits about an author's personal life - nothing *too* personal - just a little something to help readers feel like they know where your coming from or what you like to do when you're not writing :) Have fun with it!! What an exciting time!!

Patrick Alan said...

I'm sure you get this a lot and is already in the list but --

What do you like most about Patrick?

Isn't he(Patrick) just the Awesome?

Angie Frazier said...

I love hearing about an authors take on revisions. I also like hearing about what they did for work before they sold their first novel.

cindy said...

hi carrie! is this the first novel you've written? what was the basis / spark for this book? was it the character? a scene? dialogue? the story?

which part of the writing process do you enjoy the most?