Friday, June 06, 2008

Five things on a Friday

I've never done a Five things on Friday before! But, well, I felt like posting. Now let's see if I can come up with stuff to say..... and yes, Maggie, I do remember that I owe you a meme :)

1. Books! I love books. This is kind of a duh statement, I recognize. But it's more than just reading books and talking about books, I love being surrounded by books. And, as I mentioned the other day, Amazon Prime is like a drug pusher. Every time I even think about a book, I'm usually hovering over the "order now" button on the Amazon website. In fact, even though JP bought me a new bookcase of our anniversary (that man knows how to give gifts), it's already full! But let me tell you, I got some awesome books this week and am so excited about reading them all!

2. ARCs. A friend of mine just got her ARCs which makes me so giddy for her! She's also Delacorte Spring 2009 which means that I am now obsessively checking my front porch when I get home from work (oddly, UPS delivers the Amazon packages to the side door that we regularly use -- very nice of them). I think I'm a while off yet and trust me, when they arrive you will hear the shouts of glee through your computer screens :)

3. WIPs. I'm in the middle of writing Book 2. Um.... and that's that I guess :)

4. Zombies. Not only did JP and I get some awesome zombie games as ConCarolinas last weekend, I also ordered Diary of the Dead and it arrived yesterday (thank you Amazon Prime!). So it's shaping up to be a very zombie weekend. I was at a summer associate event for JP's firm last night and we were talking to one of the associates about the Con (she's a HUGE Star Wars fan complete with tattoos) and some of the summer associates joined the conversation. I'm not quite sure they didn't think we were crazy what with the chatter about the costumes, etc. But the costumes there were really cool -- I'd never seen anything like it before!

5. Friends. Can I just say that I love my friends? It's just like this amazing warm fuzzy feeling to know that there are people you can go to with almost anything and they'll understand -- be it writing related, life related, day job related. And it's not just about having someone there when you need it, it's having someone there to gab with, to just share life. If I don't say it enough, thanks :)

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Darcy Burke said...

Is it too early to call dibs on an arc? I'll even take it second-hand if I must! So desperate to read it.