Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays!!

I hope no one is reading this blog and is instead enjoying time off with friends and family :) I'm in Atlanta with my mom, step-father, and sister Chris's family. We've been having a wonderful time with last-minute shopping, hanging out watching movies, tracking Santa through NORAD, and enjoying the holiday spirit.

To me, Christmas has always been about family and tradition and I've been having a wonderful time starting new traditions and passing on old ones to a new generation. Tonight two of my nephews sang carols while the new baby girl smiled and tried to chase the patterns on the carpet.

Times like this make me miss my other sister and her boys up in the tundra, but I know they're also having a wonderful time with even more family and traditions.

I'll be back blogging soon enough with goals and reflections on the past year. Until then, enjoy the Holidays!!

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Vicki said...

Merry Christmas Carrie! It's early here and everyone is still sleeping.

My son came over and spent the night which was wonderful. So many of my family live in different places now. It used to be tons of people all together, now it's either pick one group and travel or talk to everyone via the phone.

I do miss all the craziness of the large group though.

I hope you and JP have a wonderful time visiting with family and your day is filled with everything you wish for.