Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Still a blog slacker (Now with Updates!)

The funny thing about being a blog slacker is that I actually have a ton of posts that I've written during breaks in the day and emailed to myself. But I've been too lazy to edit them to put links in. Seriously, how lame is that? At some point I just may give up and present link-free posts. Especially since most of the people and books that I link to in my posts are already in the sidebar.

Anyways, I'm home sick from work today. Supposed to be resting. Over the weekend I had some severe pains in my lower right abdomen (not a good quadrant for pain) and went to the doctor on Monday afternoon (I didn't have a doc in town yet, so getting an appt took some finagling). Well, he ordered a CT scan STAT and off JP and I went to the hospital (which was in the middle of a code red -- not very reassuring) whereupon he read Harry Potter VI and I read the last in Golden Compass Trilogy as I drank my radioactive lemonade and had IV's put in with more radioactive juice. All that fun stuff.

Many hours later I was cleared for appendicitis and other maladies I can barely pronounce. But the doctor still doesn't know what's causing the problem. So here I am at home today, hoping that this rest will help.

Natch my laptop is broken (screen isn't working for some reason and I was too much of a wimp this past weekend to take advantage of tax-free days to buy a new one) but I have a fab external screen to work off of if need be (and I can pilfer JP's laptop when he's at work). Of course, that's the cart before the horse. Right now I'm still revising WIP on paper. I only have about 100 pages left to do.

Hmmmm... home all day, 100 pages left to revise. Coincidence? I think not! Onwards, friends!



Seriously, doesn't two posts in one day at least start the journey to my rise from blogger slackdom?

I'm reporting in to announce that I've finished that round of revisions I mentioned above. Hurrah! Natch, while I thought this would be a "light" revision on paper, it was most definitely not. The pages are rife with red ink. So lots of edits to now type in (boo hiss!). Also, there are a few places where
things really need to be changed and moved and those will have to wait for another final final revision (boo hiss). Oh, and I kept forgetting about that stupid dog again so now I have one revision that is dedicated to putting that dog in all the scenes. Sigh.

This does not, however, delay my agent time table. I still feel that I'll be sending out letters in the next few weeks. I have the agent list done, the agents researched, the query letter ready, and the synopsis almost in final draft. I just have to make sure that if I got requests, I'd be able to turn the ms around same day. And I still should have some good time to work on these things coming up...

I'm amazed at how long it took to hammer out those revisions today. Seriously. Time absolutely flew by, but still. A full day of work to get 100 pages revised. And some of those scenes needed no work (others, OTH...).

Oh, and I had to work around this, which was not easy: I know it is an odd angle, but notice that he is on a stack of pages, on the computer, and batting at the pages I'm editing. Helpful little beast, eh? He gets away with a lot because he's cute.

Anyways, yay for reaching today's goal, boo for pushing the finish line farther away, yay for still getting closer to submission time!


Erica Ridley said...

So sorry you're not feeling well! Glad it's not appendicitis, though.

Hope you feel better and make it through, oh, say, 100 revision pages... =)

Carrie Ryan said...

Hey Erica! I'm glad it wasn't appendicitis either! The doc told me that if it was I was going to be admitted right then and there and prepped for surgery. Very scary! Plus, I figure with a CT scan if there'd been anything REALLY wrong, they would have caught it.

Yes, let's hope I have some progress to announce on the bookchallenge loop tonight!

Patrick Alan said...

Owww. Sounds Un-Fun...

Hope you feel better AND get the last 100 pages done. :)

Diana Peterfreund said...

I'm so sorry about the pain!

Glad to hear you're back on schedule with the submissions, though!

Heather said...

I hope they figure out what it is soon, or that the pain goes away. I hate unidentified pain.

Well done on getting the last of your revisions on paper! I'm really excited to read all about your submission process ... and live vicariously. :-)

Erica Ridley said...

I'm reporting in to announce that I've finished that round of revisions I mentioned above. Hurrah!

Whoo for progress! Go Carrie!!! =)

Erica Ridley said...

So, where's that clever blog post you mentioned over at the Manuscript Maven site? *g