Friday, June 08, 2007

Weekend Goals

Y'all know the drill - every weekend I like to post my goals so that I have someone to answer to if I make them or not. This weekend my goal is to finish another round of revisions. JP has been incredible this week, reading his poor little heart out.* The good news is that he seems to lose track of time and has a hard time putting it down. The other good news is that he's got a lot of great corrections/suggestions. The bad news is that he found some things that I managed to forget not to change/make clear before sending the last draft out to my beta readers. Thankfully they're so busy they haven't had too much of a chance to really dig into said draft.

So my goal is to implement his corrections on Saturday and have this turned back around to my beta readers by Saturday night.

What might complicate things slightly is that the trial is now officially starting on Monday (thank all that is good and holy). This means that there is a good chance I might have to work this weekend. It's been eerily quiet thus far and I'm worried it's just the calm before the storm.

Thankfully I've already had a G&T or two tonight so there will be no litigating for me in the next few hours!

But the best news of all - and what this ultimately boils down to - is that this trial should be done in a few weeks. Which means I should get a little bit of my life back. Which means I should be able to finish this sucker up and get her sent out. Yipes!

Currently my tentative goal for having first round of query letters out is June 30. I leave the next day for a week at the beach and it sure would be nice to have this thing done. Plus, I can't think of another way to forget about the waiting game. But that goal is just tentative right now - it all depends on my work, my wonderful beta-readers, etc.

What are y'all's weekend goals?

* seriously, I could go on and one about how awesome he is but that is for another post. Also, did I mention he made another "sale"? One of his short stories was just short-listed for an anthology. Fingers crossed the whole anthology sells!


Unknown said...

Goals this weekend are sadly short on writing. Shopping, washing, cleaning, cooking and, yuck, studying. But I'm sure I can fit some writing in between the cracks :)

Erica Ridley said...

Weekend goal: Catch up

I unexpectedly will have 48 free hours instead of 24 free hours, so I am hopeful I will catch up on everything I need to catch up on, or at least make decend headway.

*fingers crossed for both of us*

lacey kaye said...

Weekend goal: