Monday, May 28, 2007

My weekend: a statistical review

As y'all know from my last post, I was in the mountains this weekend. Ahhh... bliss! I think we're even going to head back next weekend! Without further ado, here is my weekend in numbers:
  • number of dogs lost: 1
  • number of dogs found (thank goodness it was the same one!): 1
  • number of frantic runs through the woods searching for lost dog: 1
  • number of crab rangoons consumed by yours truly: 20+
  • number of regular bottles of wine consumed: 4
  • number of magnums of wine consumed (not all of that wine was consumed by me!): 2
  • number of hours slept: 30
  • number of books read: 3
  • number of short stories read: 5
  • number of levels advanced in Guitar Hero II: 3
  • pieces of birthday cake eaten (with rocky road ice cream, of course!): 2
  • number of words written on WIP to shape up the pesky middle: 11,000+
  • number of times I checked my blackberry: 0
  • number of Jacuzzis taken: 2
  • number of times JP said we should actually leave cabin: too many to count
  • number of times we actually left cabin: 1 (foraging for food)
  • number of stories written by JP: 3
  • number of hours sitting on porch watching birds on bird feeder and enjoying view: 7
It was truly a perfect weekend! How was everyone else's?


Erica Ridley said...

OMG, that sounds awesome!!! What a great weekend! =)

Rs To Gold said...

Ohh, I love this post! Such great organization - especially with the buttons and your sewing patterns!
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