Saturday, April 14, 2007

Weekend Goals

Hello all! I've lots to talk about but unfortunately not a lot of time to write. Which is ironic, I think, because I'm in the middle of crafting a post about time and finding time to write. For now I'll just say that thanks to Diana and Erica, I've lit a fire under my behind and have been writing every day in April (except for the two days that I worked 15+ hours...). Unfortunately, I've been called into work tomorrow (Sunday) morning, so I have even less time to get everything done this weekend that I wanted to (like blog, write, clean, relax, etc).

I was able to pay the bills, conference with RotoRooter about the sad state of the pipes in our house (stupid roots), and file my taxes (yay for losing lots of money writing!). Looking towards the rest of the day I'd like to get lots of writing done. Because, my friends, I have a big scene to write. I've been putting it off all week so that I can writing it in one go, really sink into the emotion and tension of it.

Wish me luck!

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