Saturday, July 08, 2006

The maiden voyage

Yes, folks, today was the first (of many) pilgramage to the Depot - the Home Depot. I have to credit The Boy for keeping our costs down. This morning we drove by the house and he went room by room (and outside) to make a list of everything we needed. Once in the mecca, I mean store, he wouldn't let me detour from said list. Little things that I thought we NEEDED he said could wait until our next trip. Other things that I thought would work to fix problems he answered with a firm, "let's check it out at home first before buying it."

I think he saved us over $100 in impulse buys (we had a bet on how much the bill would be, I lowballed and won). We walked out of there with paint, painting supplies, caulk (some chick tried to pick up The Boy in the caulk aisle while I was waiting for the paint to mix), broom, Round-up, smoke detector (could you believe there were none in the house?!), other assorted odds and ends, and each of us got a book. His is of the general How to Fix Everything variety and mine was Gardening 1-2-3.

As you can see, we're new at this and need all the help we can get.

So we leave the store, hungry, stop by a new (and now fave) restaurant that had excellent BBQ and beer and went home and slept for 4 hours.

So much for using all the tools we just got... I guess that's what Sunday is for, eh?

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Rachel Vincent said...

Oh my gosh, #1 and I live at Home Depot. And Lowes. Seriously.

The managers know us by name, because #1 has to build everything we own by hand. Including the four-room addition he put on our house this past winter.

He's seriously disturbed. ;-)