Sunday, February 05, 2006

tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow

Okay, kids, I have another glass of wine and the weekend is almost over (dear readers will soon see that wine is a constant theme in this blog. I'm an attorney, it's practically required of me).

My goal for the weekend was originally to write 10k words. Then it changed to writing a total of 10k on the new project. Finally I decided that I was only going to reach a total of 7k and that's okay with me. I've written through what I had in my head so now I have another week to refuel and get ready for another weekend of writing. Perhaps I'll even be able to write a scene or two this week!

After some discussions with The Boy I've decided to spend some time tightening what I have for entrance into a few contests. I never entered either of my last two novels into a contest - which means that I've really never entered one. There's a part of me that questions contests... on the one hand I think they're a fantastic way to get some good criticism, to put your work out there, to maybe get in front of an editor or agent, and to get some good creds on your writing resume.

But I also find that some people are contest addicted. From my time on the boards long ago and now I see tag lines that list contest after contest after contest. At a certain point it seems time to move on with that WIP - take it off the circuit, give others a chance, and turn that puppy into an agent or editor. Then move on, pick up another project.

Anyways, Meet the Press is on as is the Super Bowl. The Boy has topped off my wine and it's time to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

(psst - it's a 4 day week for me! I'll splain more later...)

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