Thursday, June 22, 2006

TIME, Time, time...

Curses, even as I type this I just remembered one more thing I have to do tonight: pack. Which means I should have done laundry. Eh, that will have to wait until later.

It seems that my whole week has been like this, like a total whirlwind. I finally get the best news (an agent wants my partial wohoo!) and all of the sudden the rest of my life crowds in. One of the partners I work for wants every case in the 9th Circuit on quashing subpoenas briefed by Monday (I learn about this 3pm Friday) which means working all weekend and even getting into work at 4am on Monday (trying to swipe all the proper swipe cards spots and get to the doors while they're momentarily unlocked at that hour is like a brutal video game).

So Monday when I drag my butt home at 6pm I can't see straight, Tuesday is a mandatory firm event, Weds I finally have a night to focus on the partial when I find out at 4pm that my step-brother is coming to stay. That caused a panicked and early exodus from work to come home and clean clean clean. Thursday was another firm event and Friday is a business trip. But the truly mind-numming part was a trip to THE DMV.

But that is a story for another day... today's story is that I've yet to finish polishing up that partial. And the agent just posted about how she's all caught up and ready for some new reads. Ack! Tomorrow is a business trip, I anticipate another working weekend but I'm going to try my best avoidance tactics. This will be the weekend I finish the partial (and see my sister and nephews I haven't seen for months).

Life. I guess this is really what it's all about. Really, now that I blog about it, I have nothing to complain about. In fact, life is pretty damn good. Thanks to the fury of the weekend I'm ahead on my hours for the month which means I can enjoy the rest of June. And an agent wants to read my work. And I get to see my sister and her kids whom I adore! Huh, how's that for a change of perspective?

And did I mention that The Boy sold?


Anonymous said...

An agent wants to see your work?!?! Wonderful news.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome news, Carrie!! Congrats. I can't wait until that happens for me. :-) Good luck!!